10th, September 2015

kotoriten at TABF 2015

⚐ We will be there ;>

Tokyo Art Book Fair 2015に参加します。

14th, September 2014

kotoriten at TABF 2014

⚐ We will be there ;>

Tokyo Art Book Fair 2014に参加します。

23th, May 2014

kotoriten 3 “aichooo” is open until 1 June

⚐ kotoriten 3 “aichoo” is now open!
You can see many works from all over the sea, you can get tote bags,
zines, cd... all of them are related to birds. Come and see ;>

⚐ kotoriten 3 “aichooo”、開催しています!この展示のために集められた作品のほか、
そろっています。6/1までの開催ですので、お見逃しなく ;>

会場:デッサン | dessin
会期:2014年5月24日[土]→ 6月8日[日]

21th, April 2014

kotoriten 3 “aichooo”
at CLASKA Gallery & Shop “DO” Shibuya

⚐ We happily announce that we are going to hold kotoriten 3 exhibition
“aichooo” at CLASKA Gallery & Shop “DO” Shibuya Parco.
In addition to usual members, we invite guest artisits from London,
Hamburg, Paris, Stockholm...and more.
More information coming soon.

kotoriten 3 “aichooo” Exhibition & Product Fair
Place: CLASKA Gallery & Shop “DO” Shibuya Parco Pt.1
Date: 13 May – 1 June 2014
Artisit: Coming soon

Click here to check about the exhibition on CLASKA's website.

⚐ kotoritenの3回目となるエキシビジョン、“aichooo”を、CLASKA Gallery &
Shop “DO”渋谷パルコ店にて開催します。kotoritenメンバーによる作品・グッズのほか、

kotoriten 3 “aichooo” Exhibition & Product Fair
会場 / CLASKA Gallery & Shop "DO" 渋谷パルコ店(渋谷パルコ パート1 B1F)
会期 / 2014.5.13. tue – 6.1.sun 10:00~21:00
アーティスト /
Aiwei Foo
Kaori Mitsushima
Keita Onishi
Miyu Kuno
Museum Studio
Nicolas Malinowsky
Pierre Thyss
Ryota Miyake
Ryuto Miyake
Shie Okabe
Shinya Sato
Sunao Maruyama


18th, December 2013

“Recommendations Fair” at Keibunsha

⚐ Our books are available at “Tori no ichi ” be held by Black Bird White Bird.

Black Bird White Birdさんの「酉の市」に、kotoritenの本を出品しています。

11th, December 2013

“Recommendations Fair” at Keibunsha

⚐ Recommendations and some of our new books
are featured on Keibunsha's webisite ;>


5th, November 2013

“Collected Visits” by Sparrows

⚐ We're really happy to announce that we release Sparrows' first album
“Collected Visits” on 6th November in collaboration with Tokyo based label, flau.
Sparrows is a solo project by Ryota Miyake who is a member of synth-pop band
“CRYSTAL”. This debut album from Sparrows is an excellent collection of beautiful
songs made by Ryota from the past 5 years. More release information is here.

⚐ Sparrowsのファーストアルバム「Collected Visits」を11月6日にflauと共同でリリースします。

Sparrows “Collected Visits”

01 Carl Linnaeus Stereo
02 Landing On The Grasse
03 Cycling Club
04 Waking Up Early
05 Chocolate River
06 Weather Report
07 Clouded Computing
08 Away From Home
09 Under The Electric Moonlight
10 The Restaurant At The End Of The Universe
11 Gracious Undertail
12 Announcement
13 From Ancient Murrelets To Sparrows


1th, November 2013

Tokyo Art Book Fair 2013

⚐ We participated in Tokyo Art Book Fair 2013. Thanks for your coming!
All of our new books are available at Utrecht.

⚐ 今年も、Tokyo Art Book Fairに参加していました。

8th, June 2013


⚐We made “KOTORITEN CURSOR TOTE” to ready for summer.
Our cursor is printed in the center of the canvas bag.

Size: 350mm x 360mm x 100mm
Length of the handle: 650mm

⚐ 夏にむけて“KOTORITEN CURSOR TOTE”の販売を開始しました。

サイズ: 35cm x 36cm x 10cm
持ち手: 65cm

6th, June 2013

“Parus Major” by Cass.

⚐ Our new friend “cass.” has made exclusive track for kotoriten. The theme is Great Tit
living around his house as you can guess from the title. He is an ambient/electronic musician
from Germany and his beautiful EP“Loops & Farewell Sketches” has been released in April.
Then, have a nice time with this track :>

*You can get cass. tote bag designed by Ryuto Miyake here!

⚐ ドイツ在住のアンビエントミュージシャン、“cass.”がkotoritenのために“Parus Major”という
モチーフにした曲になっています。気に入った方は、4月にリリースされたEP、“Loops & Farewell
それでは“Parus Major”をお楽しみください :>

*Ryuto Miyakeがつくったcass.のトートバッグはここで買えますよ。

10th, April 2013

"TORIZINE 2" by Shinya Sato

Shinya Sato's new zine "TORIZINE 2". The theme is the journey of “Yakitori (japanese
roast chicken)”so maybe this is too stimulating for bird lovers like us... Anyway, you can
check and buy this at Utrecht and on our online store soon.

佐藤晋也 による新しいzine、“TORIZINE 2”です。前回に引き続き焼き鳥をテーマに、加工工程を
いまのところ、ユトレヒトでご覧頂けます。近々online storeでも取り扱う予定です。

15th, February 2013

"Does Botanical Garden Dream About Birds?"

⚐ Miyu Kuno's new zine "Does Botanical Garden Dream About Birds?" will be
available at "Insatsu no irohaten". This is the first comic zine from kotoriten books!
(But only 2 page.)

⚐ 久野未結の新しいzine、"Does Botanical Garden Dream About Birds?"です。いろは展で販売します。
kotoriten books初のことり漫画。

5th, February 2013

kotoriten books & more at "Insatsu no iroha ten"

⚐ We're going to join "Insatsu no iroha ten" from 22 to 24 February at Kinyosha.

⚐ 金羊社で行われる「印刷のいろは展」へ参加します。kotoriten booksなどをもっていきます。

2/22(金) 12:00〜18:00
2/23(土) 12:00〜18:00
2/24(日) 12:00〜17:00

14th, January 2013

Bird Book Fair at Keibunsha's website

⚐ Keibunsha made special page focused on bird books on their website.

⚐ 恵文社一乗寺店のウェブサイトで「イメージの森へー 本で愉しむ野鳥観察 ー」と題された鳥特集が組まれています。kotoritenの3冊の本がお買い求め頂けます。2月末までの開催。

10th, January 2013

Bird Book Fair at B&B

⚐ Kotoriten books are available at the bird book fair at B&B in Shimokitazawa. Come and see!

⚐ kotoriten booksをB&Bの鳥の本棚でご覧になれます。ビールも飲めて、夜遅くまでやっているお店です。

10th, December 2012

Kotoriten Books at Keibunsha


⚐ "LITTLE BIRDS", "Shiritori wa wataridori" and "in the forest" are available at Keibunsha in Kyoto.

⚐ kotoriten booksより、「LITTLE BIRDS」「Shiritori wa wataridori」「in the forest」の3点が

30th, November 2012



⚐ "LITTLE BIRDS" is available at MUJI BOOKS.

⚐ kotoriten booksのひとつ、LITTLE BIRDSがMUJI BOOKSの店頭にクリスマスギフトとして並びます。
【 MUJI銀座松坂屋 】11月30日(木)〜 12月25日(火)
【 MUJI新宿 】12月04日(火)〜 12月25日(火)

12th, November 2012

kotoriten books at Unlimited Edition


⚐ Our books are available at Unlimited Edition (Art book fair in Soul).
17th November - 18th November

⚐ 11月17日〜18日に韓国のソウルで行われるアートブックフェア、"Unlimited Edition"にzine's mate枠で参加します。

30th, September 2012

Thanks for the coming to TABF

⚐ Thanks for the coming!

⚐ トーキョーアートブックフェアにお越し下さったみなさん、ありがとうございます。

1th, September 2012

kotoriten Books at The Tokyo Art Book Fair 2012


⚐ We have a booth at the Tokyo Art Book Fair 2012.

⚐ zine's mate主催のTokyo Art Book Fairに出展します。
9 月21 日(金)16:00〜21:00 レセプション・パーティー
9 月22 日(土)11:00〜19:00
9 月23 日(日)11:00〜18:00
会場:京都造形芸術大学・東北芸術工科大学 外苑キャンパス

10th, August 2012

We are making books for TABF


⚐ Kotoriten is making books for The Tokyo Art Book Fair.

⚐ The Tokyo Art Book Fairへ出展します。東京近郊在住のkotoritenメンバーによる新作のほか、